The ICMART Tool Box for ART Data Collection

The ICMART Tool Box for ART Data Collection is a package to facilitate the monitoring and data collection of ART cycles and outcomes. It is meant as an introductory package for countries and/or regions that use ART but have not yet established monitoring of the treatments and/or of the maternal and perinatal outcomes. The package may also serve as a reference for countries and/or regions that already monitor ART to ensure that they are applying standardized methodology and definitions to their data collection. It can also be used by fertility clinics to gather the minimal information necessary to evaluate their ART activity.


The Tool Box is available for download in both PDF and Word formats using the links below. The data collection forms are also available in Excel.

  • The ICMART Tool Box for ART Data Collection - Complete (PDF, MS Word)
  • Introduction (PDF, MS Word)
  • Instructions for completing the ICMART Tool Box for Data Collection forms
    at National and Regional levels  (PDF, MS Word)
  • National/Regional Data Collection forms (Excel, PDF, MS Word)
  • Setting up monitoring of ART at the fertility clinic level + forms  (PDF, MS Word)
  • Starting a National Registry and Software Availability  (PDF, MS Word)

Simultaneous publications of:

International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology (ICMART) and the World Health Organization (WHO) revised glossary of ART terminology, 2009


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